The MedyKits Story

Who we are

Safe, verified, personal protective equipment is often extremely overpriced.

Consumers are unaware the PPE they are relying on to keep them safe may be expired or fake, and thus ineffective in protecting them from, and preventing the spread of COVID. Furthermore, the PPE marketplace is riddled with brokers making alerting end users of PPE product recalls nearly impossible.

There’s also the painstakingly long and unreliable online order fulfilment process.  

Enter MedyKits was founded in Canada in April 2020 to level the playing field and set the gold standard for PPE procurement, distribution and customer service.

Founded in Brantford, Ontario by a group of celebrated Canadian entrepreneurs from the worlds of health and tech, MedyKits offers consumers and businesses verified quality PPE at a fair price that’s 20-50% less.

Product sourcing is based on the latest testing standards and is vetted and verified by MedyKits’ in-house pharmacist Yue Gao to ensure each PPE item meets Health Canada, Federal Drug Administrations and/or CE (European Standard) criteria.  

30%-50% less than competitors

MedyKits' business model and sourcing process cuts out the middlemen, resulting in exceptional cost savings.

No minimum order

Big business. The ‘little guy’. Families and consumers. No matter who you are, everyone is treated fairly by whether you’re buying in bulk or just ordering a box of masks for you and your loved ones.

Distribution centres in Canada and the US  

The Medykits distribution centres are based in Brantford, ON and Buffalo, NY and are always stocked with an abundant supply of PPE ready to ship to consumers and businesses across North America on demand.

Customer Support Team  

Questions regarding your order or need advice on the right PPE for you and your family?

In-house experts and customer service staff are available to answer questions from 9AM-5PM ET, Monday to Friday.